World-wide Hexacampeão of Jiu-Jitsu, Saulo Ribeiro came back to palco it world-wide consecrated that it in the International of Masters and Sêniors. In the weight, the band-black color of Royler Gracie finished four adversary and invoiced the category of the heavy one and in the absolute one it won two combats and it closed with its friend of team Rodrigo Munduruca. In interview granted soon after the conquests, Saulo commented on its participation, spoke of the emotion in coming back to the tatames of the Tijuca Tennis Club and guaranteed that in 2011 it will be in return. It confers to follow.

You conquered the heading in the weight, earning the four fights for finishing and today made two fights and closed the weight with the Rodrigo. How you if felt fighting in the International of Master?

To come here in the River, the cradle, where everything started, is really a very great emotion, is a very positive energy. Today, it stimulates what me to fight is the ideological factor, it is not the competitive factor. Of this form, I find that the absolute heading is very well represented with the Rodrigo, who makes an excellent work in Canada and represents the family Gracie Humaitá. In the Master and the Senior ones, the people are come here more to fight and she does not stop earning… I find that this is the great difference of the adult for the Master. The staff is very worried about auto-affirmation, the question to impose the name in the sport and is forgetting a little the essence it our Jiu-Jitsu. It is a championship of many advantages, almost this, almost that, half this, half that… In the Master, I find that the personal strap a little of the ego and the necessity of if auto-affirming and I come here because, in the end of everything, this it is a great party, a great commemoration and a celebration of our Jiu-Jitsu, then I I find that to come here it is always good, mainly to give a stimulaton and to see this new generation.

Has how much time you did not fight in the Tijuca?

Much people come here and she saw never me to fight because only fight has four years, and is accurately the time that I was not in Brazil. I am very happy, brought here for Brazil a staff of the United States who was training with me back in the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu, whom they represent very well, gaining medals in all the categories and helping the Gracie Humaitá to take the general championship and to give a force in the work of the Rolker Gracie, that was here with the matrix. Plus a heading for the Gracie Humaitá.

You were you have four years without coming, but its main headings had been conquered here. How it was this energy to come back?

It is a great emotion, gave will to me to cry… In the truth, I not wise person who I would go to be touched myself in such a way, was in this palco here that I was touched myself, I had run the tears, literally. One palco of injuries, one palco of joys and defeats, one palco of some immature attitudes… In the truth, my history was all servant here, then to come back here is very emotive. It has my father, has my family here all. This special championship in I dedicate to filhinha of the Xande, to my goddaughter Victory, that the name already there is written in history… It is a reason of satisfaction for me, that today I have the life in this sport, not only in Brazil, but as in the world. For me he is almost as nostalgia to come here.

We can wait you in the next year?

Clearly. I go to see if I obtain to convince the Xande to come to play here also and to sanction. I find that galera is feeling a little the lack of icons and ídolos of the sport, people that has some thing to say and to add, some word of comfort for that they are arriving… I find that this championship cannot here die, I I wait a little more than marketing, a little more than assessorship of the press, more capital invested. I arrived there and none of the medias was knowing of this event, then I find that he has that to give an onslaught in Brazil, he was here that everything started and this cannot be forgotten. I am here leaving my academy, leaving my name and all my organization in favor of the Jiu-Jitsu, in what to need me… The Confederation, one more time, continues with that increasing work, then people have that to add and not to divide. One more time the work was fact, the arbitration is each better time, the command of Alvaro (Mansor). I find that people are being educated inside of sport, what I find so that new ídolos appear, then I important I only have that to give the congratulations for plus a victorious campaign of the Gracie Humaitá.