By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Guilherme Cruz


Champion on absolute and weight divisions of World of WLPJJ, event that happened last December, Alexandre Souza (Gracie Floripa) keeps an eye on the award of this year’s edition of the event, which will be of almost US$60 thousand on prizes for its champions. “I’ll try to keep my title, I’m training a lot. Since of June my biggest goal is this competition”, Alexandre said, who earned almost US$6 thousand with his titles in 2009. “It’s a great prize, and now they practically doubled the reward from last year. The event is always good and I’ll be there honoring them”, said, assuring to be ready for the rocks on his way. “I’ve great expectations. I know it won’t be easy, there’ll be athletes like Rodolfo Vieira and Bernardo Faria, but I’m focused, training, studying a lot the game itself in order to improve and make good fights against them”, concluded.