My hats off to Brian Cimins for putting on an amazing 32 Man competition. The Semi Finals are now set. A lot of surprises and upsets but looks like the winner will be defined today between Xande, Rustam Chsiev, Bruno Bastos and Joao Assis.


Round One

Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Amir Allam: Xande wins on points. (9-0).

Leopoldo Serao vs. Kelly Amundson: Serao via rear-naked choke.

Jason Manly vs Gabe Gutierez: Manly wins by heel hook.

Steven Martinez vs. Chris Moriarty: Chris Moriary wins(points?)

Rustam Chsiev vs. Luke Rockhold: Chsiev wins on points(2-0)

Marcelo Mafra vs. Christian Arellano: Arellano wins on points.

John Toth vs. Brandon Olsen: John Toth wins on points(4-0).

Daniel Almeida vs. Moses Baca: Daniel Almeida wins on advantages.

Bill Cooper vs. Paul Stark: Paul Stark wins by heel hook.

Bruno Bastos vs. Nick Caggia: Bastos wins on points.

Jarrod Bunch vs. Marcel Fortuna: Fortuna wins on points

Enrico Cocco vs. Robert Breslan: Cocco by armbar.

Joao Assis vs. Nader Magrihiy: Assis wins by Toehold.

Brian Mclaughlin vs. Peter iacavazzi: Mclaughlin wins by armbar.

James Popoulo vs. Shawn Denny: Popoulo wins via armbar/triangle.

Sean Spangler vs. Benji Silva: Spangler wins by darce.

Round Two

Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Leopoldo Serao: Ribeiro wins by points(4-2)

Jason Manly vs. Chris Moriarty: Moriary wins on points.

Rustam Chsiev vs. Christian Arellano: Chsiev wins on points(6-2).

Daniel Almeida vs. John Toth: John Toth wins on points(10-2).

Bruno Bastos vs. John Stark: Bastos wins on points(10-0).

Enrico Cocco vs. Marcel Fortuna: Cocco wins by heelhook.

Joao Assis vs. James Popoulo: Assis wins by heelhook.

Brian Mclaughlin vs. Sean Spangler: Mclaughlin wins by advantages(3-2).

Quarter Finals

Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Chris Moriarty: Ribeiro wins by choke.

Rustam Chsiev vs. Daniel Almedia: Chsiev wins by advantage(3-2).

Enrico Cocco vs. Bruno Bastos: Bastos wins by advantages(2-0).

Joao Assis vs. Brian Mclaughlin: Assis wins by choke.


Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Rustam Chsiev: Ribeiro wins by triangle choke.

Bruno Bastos vs Joao Assis: Assis wins by advantage (1-0).

Third Place

Bruno Bastos vs. Rustam Chsiev: Chsiev wins by referee decision.


Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Joao Assis: Assis wins by points(4-2)