… for Year’s End – U.S. Trials this Saturday, June 12th.


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Submitted by BrianCimins on June 9, 2010 – 8:28am

Grapplers Quest has been hosting various pro level events since inception, but the U.S. Nationals (aka U.S. Pro Trials or All-Star Pro Challenge) always built our strongest grappling teams. The weight classes fluctuated from event to event and ultimately, “Team U.S.A.” never competed as a team or again that same year. USA Judo and USA Wrestling offer the same type of opportunity each year at the “World Team Trials”. We will have full Team gear for the winners custom made by Revgear, Bad Boy and Manto, in the proud USA 2010 TEAM colors.

With Grapplers Quest renown for drawing the World’s Best Submission Fighters and helping to pioneer a fair scoring system and impartial referees in grappling, finally, a grassroots born, star studded tournament and a true TEAM U.S.A. (Advanced Men’s and Women’s Divisions) will be crowned on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 in Morristown, NJ (http://www.grapplersquest.com/events/2010-us-national-championships).

The 14 Person Team USA will be comprised of the champions of the Men’s and Women’s Advanced Division Weight Classes (all with cash prizes, see below) from Saturday, June 12th at the U.S. Nationals and officially crown TEAM U.S.A.. Rather than an invitational-only tournament (like ADCC), this event will be an open tournament format and draws the highest level amateur and professional submission fighters and competitors in the world. Team U.S.A. will now be crowned annually at this same event and have a different World Team to face each year at the World Series. SPREAD THE WORD, this is going to be HUGE!

$7,500 CASH for TEAM U.S.A. – Men’s & Women’s Advanced CASH PRIZES include:

$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Bantamweight (129.9 lbs. & below)
$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Flyweight (130-139 lbs.)
$1,000 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Feather (140-149.9 lbs.) – sponsored by MANTO (http://MantoFight.com)
$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Light (150-159.9 lbs.)
$1,000 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Welter (160-169.9 lbs.) – sponsored by GAMENESS (http://Gameness.com)
$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Middle (170-179.9 lbs.)
$1,000 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Cruiser (180-189.9 lbs.)
$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Light-Heavy (190-199.9 lbs.)
$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Heavy (200-209.9 lbs.)
$250 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Super (210 lbs. +)
$1,000 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced Absolute
$250 – Women’s No-Gi Advanced Class A (119.9 lbs. & below)
$250 – Women’s No-Gi Advanced Class B (120-139.9 lbs.)
$250 – Women’s No-Gi Advanced Class C (140-159.9 lbs.)
$250 – Women’s No-Gi Advanced Class D (160 lbs. +)
$1,000 – Women’s No-Gi Advanced Absolute

The brackets below are open to all Advanced competitors looking to win cash prizes and a spot on TEAM USA 2010!

$1,000 – Men’s No-Gi Advanced “TEAM USA” Feather (140-149.9 lbs.) – sponsored by MANTO (http://MantoFight.com)
1. Justin Rader (Lovato Jiu Jitsu)
2. Ruben Alvarez (Fight Sports South Beach)
3. Pete Shoemaker (Precision Jiu Jitsu)
4. Mike Padilla (Renzo Gracie PA)

$1,000 Men’s Advanced “TEAM USA” Welterweight: 160-169.9 lbs.
1. Hermes Franca (Brazilian Top Team, UFC Veteran)
2. Enrico Cocco (Zen Jiu Jitsu, 2009 ADCC North American Champion – Miami, Florida)

$1,000 Men’s Advanced “TEAM USA” Cruiserweight: 189.9 lbs. and below
1. James Brasco (Popovitch)
2. Derek Picinich (Silverfox BJJ)
3. Derek Leyrer (Balance Studios)
4. Tom Manelski (Bill Scott BJJ)
5. Nolan Dutcher (Lionkill BJJ/Jungle Gym)
6. Willian Dias (Nova Uniao)

FAQ: What happened to the USA Trials or All-Star Pro Challenge?
Same cash prizes, now open to Men’s and Women’s Advanced to crown TEAM USA. We’ve been doing these divisions, invitation-only for 7 years and got criticized for “favoritism” for allowing certain guys in.

WHO’S IN? Register at the door or online in advance – get details here:

OH CANADA, IT’S ON!! The challenge has been issued and the Men’s and Women’s Advanced Divisions on Saturday, October 30th will serve as the World Team Trials to determine TEAM CANADA 2010. Get more event information on the 2010 Grapplers Quest Canadian National Championships, purchase tickets and get discounted competitor registration here: http://www.grapplersquest.com/events/2010-grapplers-quest-canada

The Team crowned October 30th will be the Official team to challenge TEAM USA 2010 (crowned June 12th) at the final event of the 2010 season, the World Series of Grappling, Saturday, December 4th in Asbury Park, New Jersey.