Thursday 10th of June 2010 02:16 PM

By Guilherme Cruz

Report Samira Bonfim, directy from California

Photo Eduardo Ferreira

Just when he left Pan Am, Bernardo Faria started crying and yelled: “this is the best day of my life”. Some months later, Alliance’s black belt came back to California and, with a sweep on the last minutes, he beat the favorite Xande Ribeiro and won his first world title. “This is the best day of my life, I’m a part of the best team of the world”, celebrated Bernardo, who could not stop the tears once again.

It is obvious, 2010 is the best year of Bernardo Faria’s career, and he closed up the Europe title with his professor, Fábio Gurgel and brought home the absolute Brazil title. On World, it felt like the cherry on the top of the icing. “Xande is one of the three best fighters on the whole world, maybe he’s the second best, him and Roger, but thanks God I beat him. I really respect him, but I came here with a strategy set. He’s very strong, has a good technique and is very tactical, but thing went my way today”, celebrates the new champion.

Being on the top of the world is something indescribable to Bernardo, who reminds the difficult moments he went through. “I was training with Ricardo Marques and, qhen I got the black belt, I graduated on college and he supported me to come to Alliance, and now I’m bringing him to train here with me, who is a very honest guy, graduated me from white to black belt, and now I have the best professor of the world to keep training me”, celebrates, keeping his eyes on future challenges. “I intend to fight whenever I can, because I love competing… I’m fight on No-Gi now”.