A couple of years back, the bjj forums were buzzing with people asking about a pass done by jiu-jitsu guys coming out of Sao Paolo. The pass was described with having very low base and used by competitors such as Roberto Tozi and Big Mac. Thus the legend of the Wilson Pass or Tozi Pass was born!

The first videos showing how to execute this pass surfaced and featured the man himself Roberto Tozi showing how to do the techniques.

After watching this pass in action, I vaguely remember one dude pulling this off on me in Manaus at CLube Pina years back. It’s weird because once the person starts the pass, you feel like hes putting himself in a vunerable position, but if done right, you cant stop what’s coming!

Okay, so here we have the man himself showing the pass. But, after this, people starting claiming that famous MMA fighter and BJJ phenom Wilson Reis was pulling this off….even in MMA.

Check it out!

Now, we have the man himself, Wilson Reis, explaining the pass with this new website.