From: Tatame

By Eduardo Ferreira

Collaboration Gláucia Arakaki

Photos Eduardo Ferreira


The International from Masters and Seniors of Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most expected events by the veterans of the gentle art. Since it was created, in 1999, several world champions and a lot of tough oldies joined the event. But on the two last years, the event has been obfuscated by the new event Rio International Open of Jiu-Jitsu, event which happens at the same time as Masters and Seniors. This year, the Brazilian Confederation of Jiu-Jitsu (CBJJ), set the schedule and the vets once again were on the spotlights, just like they deserve to be.


Between some laughs, hugs and lots of stories to be told, the result was one of the thing which less mattered for some. For others, like Carlos Henrique, the black belt and leader of Brazil 021, to fight was more than a pleasure, it meant overcoming obstacles. In 2009, Carlos Henrique was shot on this same neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, survives and on Saturday received a standing ovation when he got the finals of the heavy Senior 1. The loss by 9×0 to Roberto Gordo, leader of Gordo Jiu-Jitsu, tasted like a win for who was close to death until some months ago. Gordo, creator of the half guard, left his Jiu-Jitsu and MMA pupils proud.


On Senior 1, the cop Paulo Peposo Cury became three-time champion on the super heavy division and was glad of joining the competition without having trained much. “I fight for 10 years on this championship. I couldn’t prepare myself, but I couldn’t stay out of it. Now I have six titles, three on master and three on senior”, revealed. And what is to say about the tough guys from Nova União, Rafael Carino and André Marola? “Take our picture, man. We are the oldies from Jiu-Jitsu, we did three fights each and we split the ultra heavy title”, said Marola, with a huge smile on his face. And, of course, we took his picture.


On Senior 2, the main highlight was the pair composed by Adilson Brites “Juquinha” and Wellington Megaton. The veterans of Gracie Humaitá won on their respective divisions, just like they did in 2009, and repeated it all over again, splitting the absolute title. “If that’s what God wants, it’ll happen again this year”, said Juquinha. On Senior 3, the tireless Helvécio Penna, who recently conquest the State (Rio de Janeiro) title among the Adults, having 49 years old, and won the weight title with the promise to try to win the absolute dispute on Sunday. “I’d fight on Adult too, but I had a knee injury and that disturbed my preparation”, revealed the black belt of Ricardo De La Riva. Who also shone on Senior 2 was Alexandre “Gigi” Paiva. One of Alliance’s leaders, who made out names like the world champions Fernando Tererê and Leonardo Leite, submitted all his opponents and won the medium title.


Among the masters, the champion on weight and absolute disputes in 2009, Eduardo Telles, was the highlights of the medium heavies. Creator of the turtle guard, he fought four times, and beat André Bastos (Nova União) on the final by 7×0. “Last year I won on the heavy weight, but I’ve changed to a lighter division this year. I hope I can become two-time absolute champion on master on Sunday”, declared the champion, which, differently from last year, will not fight among the Adults. “Last year I did four fights before disputing the Adult. I got them rested”, joked.


Six-time world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Saulo Ribeiro was away from the competitions with kimono for three years, since he won the silver medal on Mundial of 2007, on his eleventh final dispute on the championship. Saula came from San Diego wanting to win his first title among the oldies, and did a great job. With three submissions, Saulo won the golden medal home.


Who also did a great presentation was Bruno Bastos. Rooted in Dallas, Bruno is on Brazil for a short period of time, but he cannot stay away from the competitions. In seven days, the black belt of Nova União won two titles, this time he won on the super heavy master. Among the roosters, the champion was Pablo dos Santos, while Felipe Costa got the title on the light feather weight. Among the light feathers, Frédson Alves sum up valuable points to Gracie Humaitá and got the golf. The feather weight title went to Gabriel Wilccox and the medium to Adriano Silva, from Barbosa Jiu-Jitsu.


Another Jiu-Jitsu show has come to an end on Tijuca Tênis Clube, Rio de Janeiro. The stage of some of the most memorable moments of the gentle art, the International Masters and Seniors once again made people miss them. If on Saturday the tough oldies shone on the weight, on sunday the party is on the absolute dispute. Saulo Ribeiro, who submitted four opponents yesterday in order to win the weight title, shone on master, shared the division’s title with his friend from Gracie Humaitá, Rodrigo Munduruca, ultra heavy champion, a guy who had four fights and got the absolute’s golden medal after beating three opponents.


On Senior 1, André Marola did six fights to win the double title for Nova União, once that on Saturday he split the title with the ultra heavy champion Rafael Carino. Weight champion on Saturday, Helvécio Pena won the absolute Senior 3 dispute after submitting three opponents with arm locks. On Senior 4, who got the title was Stephan Kamphuis (Fabrício) and on Senior 5, João Roque’s pupil, Edelmas Pereira, won the absolute. On the female master dispute, the absolute champion was Patrícia Lage, Barbosa’s pupil, followed by Elizangela Fernandes and Elisangela.


On Senior 2, Admilson Brites “Juquinha” and Wellington Megaton repeated the same story from last year: they split the absolute title. Juquinha won three fights and split the title with Megaton, who had to beat Osiris Maia on the semi-finals. Both also had their respective weight disputes and helped Gracie Humaitá from Rolker and Royler Gracie to conquest the six-time champion. Gracie Barra was the second best team and Nova União got the third position on the podium.