I’m slowly starting to get back into the routines of the everyday life.

The plane from Brazil landed Tuesday evening at 11 PM. Before I left, my manager asked if I was not able to work Wednesday at 8 AM, no problem I thought, of course I can! Haha, and I kept thinking that until the alarm clock rang at 6:30 Wednesday morning and I like a zombie trudged off to work. Survived I did, but that is also the only thing I did.

The rest of the week has been roughly the same, I work during the days and train lightly in the evenings. I can still feel that I was sick in Brazil, I caught some kind of pneumonia and I can still feel it when I am out of breath. That combined with a good deal of jet lag has made the motivation for sleeping a lot bigger than the motivation for training. : /

My Rio Open fights are online, I will post them, so you can get an impression of what it was like to be there and compete.

As I have said before there was open class on Saturday, so I’ll post the fights in chronological order.
First fight in open class:

Second fight open class:
Coming later, it is not edited yet: (

Final open class:
Is not finished yet either, I’ll post this one later too.

I had three tough fights that all went full time, I was totally exhausted after the final, or actually before the finals, I had hoped that it would be Sunday, but it was wasn’t so I had to just suck it up and go. When I watch the finals now, I think it went ok, a bit more tactical thinking and time-stalling, I could actually do good in the open class as well.
When I woke up Sunday morning makes my whole body hurt. It was not just a little sore, EVERYTHING hurt! I did not notice it to on Saturday, but I crash on my head in the first fight in the open class, when the other girl goes for a seo nage. For better or worse I usually do everything to avoid that my opponent scores points. Anyway, I cannot really get out of bed, I have to roll to my side and roll out of bed, not the best start of a long day at the competition, but after a little liniment and massage, my back can move again.

First fight in my weight class:

Semi-final in my weight class:

Final fight in my weight class:
It is in two videos, my nose started bleeding in the middle of the fight and I was forced to go out to fix it before I could continue the fight. I had a long speech from the referee about that if the cotton fell out of my nose twice, I would be disqualified, so PUSH IT UP FAAAAAAAR! : P

Sit back and enjoy the fights or sit and think SHIIIIIIT, how she got her brown belt, I switch between the two categories, I cannot decide which one of the two I belong in.

The next thing that happens in terms of training is Summer Camp this weekend. There will be three days of training camp with my academy Arte Suave here in Denmark, there will be some talented guys from Sweden as well, so I’m really looking forward to! Hopefully this will boost the motivation to train after all the jetlag and work.