By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Eduardo Ferreira


Black belt of Nova Uniao, Wagnney Fabiano got on WEC being respected because his wins on the extinct IFL, but two loses in six bouts made him alert. Aware of the need of a win on his next fight, now on UFC, Wagnney talked to TATAME and commented the future. “My last fight didn’t please me at all, I have skills to do much more than that and I was very disappointed by the way I lost”, said Wagnney, who was submitted by Joseph Benavidez. On the exclusive interview, the fighter still talked about the fusion between WEC and UFC and the learning from his defeat. Check it below:


What went wrong on this last fight?


It was like a thump for me. I was well trained, feeling fine, but I was defected at that time, I don’t know what happened, I froze. I was fine on the two first guillotine chokes, but then I stopped, froze again and, when I realized, it was too tight. It was very frustrating for me. I know I still have four more fights, but it doesn’t mean a thing. My loses bring much learning to me and I’ll change it all for my next fight.


What did you learn from this fight?


It’s that thing: you won’t change a winning team… I’ve been doing the same training for all my opponents, but this one was completely different. I didn’t expect him to be so aggressive, I thought he’d use his Wrestling skills, so I was lost… I was cool, but then I just froze.


You lost on a crucial moment of the merge between WEC and UFC. Did they say anything about it?


I’m there. I have four more fights to do, but it doesn’t mean a thing, everybody knows that. My next fight must be different, I’ll change it all, I have to go there and win because I couldn’t get this one… Let’s move on and keep the hard trainings, trying to improve more and more because that’s the main goal: to keep improving. Let’s see, let’s go there and try to bring this win home.


What do you think of the merge of the events, worshiping the light weights?


We already expected that, everybody knew it. For me, it’s perfect. Now it’s the dream come true, fighting on Ultimate. Here’s the thing: I have to improve in all aspects, look for different trainings, try to win this next fight. I’ve fought six times there, I have four wins and now two loses. That, for sure, isn’t a bad average, but it’s not what they are looking for. My last fight was very disappointing, I have enough weapons to be much better so I let myself down by losing the way it happened, but let’s see. If it’s God’s wish, everything will change.


Once you’ve said you were frustrated with the financial matter on MMA. Do you think it’ll change on UFC?


What’s what everybody’s expecting (laughs). Everybody has a contract, so I won’t say it’ll change the financial condition of everybody because they’re not stupid, they are not there to simple give people money… Everybody has to fulfill the contract, but you know it’s UFC. If you submit a guy, you get a bonus… They really incentive the fighters to pull their heart out, to make good fights. Bonus, checks sent my mail of US$30 thousand, so it really motivates the fighters to give their best.