By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Esther Lin


Recovering from an elbow surgery, which happened after the win over Fedor Emelianenko, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Fabrício Werdum is thinking about his return to Strikeforce. “I had a surgery on my arm and I’m already back for the trainings. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m training”, told the Brazilian to TATAME. “I do physiotherapy workouts for two hours every day and then I go to Affliction’s gym, with Rafael (Cordeiro)”.


While his next bout is not confirmed, Werdum follows the mess that the heavyweight division has become. Champion of the event, Alistair Overeem ignored Strikeforce and decided to fight on the GP of K-1, which happens next Saturday(2), while Fedor Emelianenko, Antônio Silva and the newcomer Josh Barnett are waiting for an opponent. Without wanting any more mess, Werdum tells that his opponent will be Overeem or Fedor.


“They prefer Overeem, they want me to fight for the belt, but there’re nothing confirmed. I can have a rematch with Fedor or it’ll be Overeem”, tells, discarding a fight with Barnett, former

UFC champion. “Josh is a good guy, but I wouldn’t like to fight him because he just got here, it doesn’t make much sense, it’s like moving backwards. I’m not underrating him, but it doesn’t make any sense”, explains.


Independently of the opponent, Fabrício wants to be completely recovered for his comeback. “I’ll come back next year only, and I’ll be like 125 miles per hour because even after the win (over Fedor), there’re those who don’t take me seriously, don’t believe in me”, tells upset, changing his tone when it comes to the harassment of the fans on the United States.


“I get like 20 letters a day… The guys send pictures with the envelope sealed for me to autograph and send them back… The photo they send me the most is the one of me fitting the triangle (laughs)… Everybody ask me to sign my name. I spend like half an hours each day only answering the fans”, said, revealing he prepared many autographed posters, which he send to his fans.




The win over Fedor didn’t put Werdum only on the spotlights when it comes to MMA. “Yesterday I did a photo shooting for a fashion magazine here on the United States, Runway. It was cool, they make miracles because it’s hard for me to look nice (laughs), jokes the Brazilian, who will be on the next edition of the magazine. “I won’t stop, I can’t… I have a PR now (laughs)”, said Werdum, revealing that he’ll do an on-line seminar live this Saturday (2).


“On October 2 I’m minister a seminar online live… It’ll be the first live seminar on the internet, and there’re over a thousand persons wanting to join me”, reveals Werdum, on a chat with TATAME. “After ADCC live, my managers Lucas and Gilberto had the idea of taking advantage of the moment, since I’m on the spotlights, to do this seminar”. Click here to know more about the online seminar.


Besides the class on the internet, the black belt told us he has an entire agenda to follow, filled with seminars around Europe and Asia. On the days 14 and 15 of October, the classes will be on Zaragoza (Spain). The big class on the 16th, in Madrid, will be special. “It’ll be on a nightclub. Then we’ll have a barbecue and a party, it’ll be awesome (laughs)”, tells.


The seminar of 18th will be in Bordeaux, in France. On the break between the classes, Fabrício will go to Abu Dhabi to help Marcos Oliveira and Luciano Mutante, Brazilians who will fight MMA on the Arab Emirates. “On October 27 I’ll go to Croatia, where I’ll stay until the 29th. On the 30th, I’ll minister a seminar in Seville, and on the following day in San Sebastian, then I’ll go back to Madrid”.


The Euro tour is not the end of the road to Werdum, who will go to Japan later. On a country where he got used to shine on Pride, the heavyweight plans great seminars. “On November 7 I’ll minister my first seminar in Japan, then there’ll be another one on the 9th. The guys there are preparing it for a long time. I’ve always liked the Japanese fans”, explains.