By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Esther Lin


The last months were complicated to André Galvão. Recently gone to the United States, the world champion of Jiu-Jitsu is far from his family in order to establish his life in America, where he plans to live indefinitely. Meanwhile, André accepted a fight against the unbeaten Tyron Woodley on Strikeforce, but the last minute invitation and the wrong preparation has lead to a defeat. The instability of the event made the fighter and his manager decided not to renew his contract with the show so he could join the trials for the next season on The Ultimate Fighter, reality show of UFC.


On his participation of the trials, which had almost 300 athletes, was a success. “There were many guys, it was crowded, there were about 300 guys there and it was a success”, tells Galvão. On an exclusive interview, André tells he’s one step away of entering the house, just like the Brazilian Vitor Vianna, but they still have to wait – and cheer a lot – for the final approval. “It’s not that great fighters joined the show’s cast, like Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans, and had disputed or even got the UFC title, it’s a growth that you have in there”, affirmed. Click here to read the exclusive interview with the fighter.