Photo Josh Hedges


Right after beating Thiago Silva on UFC 108, Rashad Evans was graduated a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt from the hands of Rolles Gracie. The attitude created some controversy even between the family members, but the BJJ world champion Bráulio Estima, who trained with Rashad, assured the black belt of the former UFC champion is legit. “When I knew Rolles have given him the black belt I also thought about it for a while. But then I went there and I saw it. He’s on a black belt level, he’s good. Man, I can say for sure I’ve trained with over 50 black belts that he could actually kill. I swept, caught him, but I’m on my best and I only do this. He knows how to sweep and passes the guard very well, he’s very good”, Bráulio told Sensei Sportv’s blog.