World Pro Jordan

World Pro Trials Jordan

Amman- Under the Patronage of Prince Hussein Mirza, President of the Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Jordan, over 130 competitors showed their skills in the 1st Arab trials for the Abu Dhabi Pro World CupTrials held in Amman, Jordan this weekend (26 & 27th of November). Teams from the Jordan Armed Forces, Mirza Team, Darak Team,Source MMA, Syrian Team, Circassian Team, Egypt Team and Iraq Team all presented strong competition.

“We would like to thank H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the opportunity offered to Jordan and the Middle East in General. We believe that this World Cup Pro will have a very good future and revolutionize the Sport”, stated Prince Mirza, while giving away the medals and traveling kit to the winners on the podium. “The first day showed a big attendance from fans. I think the sport is picking up in the region. Events like these raise the attention of the public, especially when its covered by a TV station such as Abu Dhabi Sport TV”, finalizes Black Belt and Organizer Zaid Mirza.

Now Jordan warms up for the 1st MMA event in the country and one of its first in the region.The 1st edition of Desert Force takes place on the 8th of December. Don’t forget to check the website for more info.

Check below the results of the second day of semi finals and finals.


1st- Ghaleb Odeh (Mirza Team-ARMY)
2nd- Ibrahim Salim (Source)
3rd- Diaa Nour Deen (Mirza Team)
3rd- Abdallah HajTass (Source)


1st- Saddam Abdallah (Army)
2nd- Waleed Salem (Darak)
3rd- Bashar Bassam (Army)
3rd- Mohammed Hani (Army)


1st- Abdallah Nabas (Mirza Team)
2nd- Muhannad Mirza (Mirza Team)
3rd- Abdallah Tarawneh (Army)
3rd- Ahmad Aref (Army)


1st- Qasem Smadi (Army)
2nd- Saad Quaider (Army)
3rd- Zaid Nayef (Army)
3rd- Yousef Janeb (Source)


1st- Zaid Jarandouka (Mirza Team)
2nd- Mousa Sleiman (Army)
3rd- Sanad Armouti (Mirza Team)
3rd- Faisal Heyari (Mirza Team)


1st- Faisal Souqi (Mirza Team)
2nd- Sami Dweikat (Army)
3rd- Tarek Lukasha (Mirza Team)
3rd- Fadi Sahouri (Mirza Team)


1st- Ali Shareef (Mirza Team)
2nd- Tamer Mahmoud (Darak)
3rd- Tamer Samir (Army)
3rd- Jamil Barakat (Source)

Open Weight Purple Belt

1st- Haidar Rasheed
2nd- Khaled Abdul Karim
3rd- Bassam Hajtass
3rd- Ihab Hajtass

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World Absolute BJJ Champion and Strikeforce Champion Ronaldo “Jacare” wearing the JJPG Light Rip Stop Gi

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Saturday, Dec 4th 2010

DESERT QUEST CHAMPIONSHIP Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Grappling – Takedown Folk StyleBroadway Recreation Center – 59 E. Broadway Rd, Mesa(Same day weight ins) Weight Ins start at 9:00am-12:00pmTournament starts at 1:00pm the academy that wins the overall tournament Adults and Kids & Teens, GI & No Gi divisions will receive a DESERT QUEST CHAMPIONSHIP 3-piece samurai sword set.

There will be a free raffle drawing to all competitors to win a 3 piece samurai sword, Free year of entry fee to all DQ tournaments, and 10 RITC tickets to the RITC event same night!

All competitors that enter the tournament will receive a RAGE IN THE CAGE free ticket, to the RAGE IN THE CAGE event on the same day at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix starting at 7pm.

All 1st place winners will receive a steel samurai sword

· Kids & Teens will be double elimination matches

· All Adults, Teens, Kids 2nd, 3rd place winners receives medals.

· Fastest Submission will receive a steel samurai sword

· Absolute division grand prize $500.00 ( Entry fee $50.00 per player )

· Adults, Teens, Kids will now receive a Desert Quest Championship tournament certificate & T-Shirt.

BJJ & Submission Grappling Tournament Competitors: Adults Competitors entry fee: $30.00 for one division or $40.00 for both Divisions.

Kids and teens Tournament Competitors entry fee: $20.00 for one division or $25.00 for both Divisions.

Takedown & Folk Style Tournament Competitors entry fee Adult $20.00, entry fee, Kids, Teens $15.00

For tournament information: Please contact (480) 268-6885 or E-mail:

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,